GIRLSTRONG, The Power that is YOU.

We’re all about Premium Basics. Our Superior Craftsmanship, FWD FASHION Designs, Exceptional USA-Made Quality and commitment to sustainability, establishes GIRLSTRONG® as every woman’s go-to Athletic Apparel company in the US and Globally.

Meet Lisa, our CEO & Founder


Seeking ways to spread positivity, I was divinely guided to create clothing with a positive message, one that women could wear and feel inspired every day.   

I wanted a brand that women could relate and connect to. In our world, there are so many things that divide us, I wanted a message that connected to all girls/women. And the GIRLSTRONG® message is weaved throughout all products.

The time is now ladies, to SHINE your light over the world. To turn it up, to Amplify and Radiate Strong in Heart, Mind and Body! That’s GIRLSTRONG®.

I had worked in the Beauty and Fashion industry for 15+ years, for companies like Vera Wang and Calvin Klein and talked about starting a clothing brand with positive messaging and then DIVINELY “GIRLSTRONG®” showed up.

You know when you talk about something and put it out there and then “It Happens”!

Friends said, “You’re pushing this message of positivity through your fashion”.  The company slogan is You Can Change the World, Girl!  That’s on a Tee too …  

When we feel good as WOMEN, the World benefits! GIRLSTRONG® is all about showing up in our best capacity.

I look forward to sharing the GIRLSTRONG® message with women around the globe.

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