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Samantha Nicole, Health & Fitness Coach

The Active & Attractive Facebook Group Page

Samantha Nicole is a fitness coach encouraging and empowering attractive female leaders around the globe to bring health to the forefront of their routine. Her education and inspiration brings powerhouse women back to themselves and shows them how to amplify their aura to be seen, heard and feel capable of giving back more to support and love the people that follow them. Come along to this workshop and see how to use fitness to feel energetic, feminine and magnetic!

The Active & Attractive group page is designed to be used as a resource to shift your mindset around health, wellbeing, fitness, nutrition, so you can actively do what it takes to become the most energetically attractive version of yourself.

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Here’s to becoming, more Active & Attractive!

FYI: Sam also hosts Radiant Wednesdays on the GIRLSTRONG® Tribe Page.

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Corrin Stellakis - Self-Development, Pageant, and Fitness Coach

Fit to Reign is a Self-Development Coaching, Pageant Coaching, and Personal Training business dedicated to helping all women pursue their purpose and reach their full potential. Its founder, Corrin Stellakis, is a certified personal trainer and graduate of Liberty University with a degree in Communication, Psychology, and Christian Counseling. She is passionate about helping her clients become mentally, intellectually, socially, spiritually, physically, and emotionally Fit to Reign!

Website: https://www.fittoreign.com

Instagram: https://instagram.com/fit_to_reign?utm_medium=copy_link

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/FitToReign/

YouTube: https://youtu.be/c3bTpaqNcJI

Dream, Believe, Achieve

~Corrin Stellakis

Lindsay Price, Health and Fitness Coach, NFL Cheerleader

Balanced Bod Lifestyle Academy

How would it feel if you could Sculpt a Sexy Body you feel Confident in without giving up your social life?

BBLA offers 1 on 1 Personalized Coaching

Balanced Bod Lifestyle Academy

Balanced Bod Lifestyle Academy is an online coaching community to help you MASTER your nutrition, ACHIEVE your dream body, and LEARN how to maintain it for a lifetime.

Click Here: https://www.bblaacademy.com/bblacoachingapplication


Health & Wellness Coach


Nicole Marie is the founder of Armor4Health and helps to educate woman on how to feel FANTASTIC from the inside out through her 1-on-1 online program, H.E.R truth.

She believes you can HEAL your body with proper nutrition. EMPOWER yourself by building lean & beautifully defined curves. And REJUVENATE the mind, body & spirit by becoming healthy and whole allowing you to confidently step into your truth.

You are invited to join our tribe of amazing women. We would love to have you…


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Dr. Dana McGrady, Doctor of Oriental Medicine

Better Health And Wellness Center, Tampa, Florida

Holistic Doctor, Author, International Speaker, Medical Spa, Vitamins and Supplements and MORE!

Dr. Dana is expertly trained and uses the latest technologies to evaluate your body’s energetic health to determine deficiencies as well as toxins that can accumulate in the body and rob you of needed energy.

She can..

Determine deficiencies

Recommend a detox program

Get you on the road to Better Health

Get in touch with Dr. Dana:



Dr. Taz MD

Known as the Super Woman of Wellness, leading the holistic way, merging medicine to find our power – your POWER RX!

Are you a Gypsy Girl? A Savvy Chick? A Boss Lady? An EARTH MAMA? Or A NIGHTINGALE?

Visit Dr Taz at :



We love her!



Dr. Koche is triple boarded in Internal Medicine, Bariatrics, and Anti-Aging and Regenerative medicine.

Ever since her own exposure to the medical field due to childhood leukemia and heart failure from chemo, she has been focused on finding the CAUSE of issues instead of treating the symptoms. She attended Emory Medical School and completed her internal medicine residency at USF in Tampa. She started her practice focusing on preventing cardiovascular diseases and obesity. That experience led to further training in alternative medicine, hormones, and nutrition. She is the medical director and founder of Spectra Wellness Solutions, a comprehensive clinic focusing on all aspects needed for total body healing including the ketogenic diet, hormone replacement therapies, and enhancing mitochondrial function. She has a team of gifted healers that work together to create individualized treatment plans. She has several signature programs for optimal performance including the Ignite program featured in her first book, GET LIT.

Dr. Koche has lectured nationally, and has been featured on numerous television and radio segments.

Click Here: https://spectrawellness.com/

Follow her on FB she always shares the latest in Wellness! https://www.facebook.com/Dr-Lisa-Koche-102147467888432


Yancey Stewart, FNP-C

Experienced integrative and functional medicine provider offering best of class care for men and women with hormonal, adrenal and thyroid conditions, as well as innovative regenerative therapies. 

Facebook link: www.facebook.com/GraceRestorativeMed/

Website: www.gracerestorativemed.com

We love her!