GIRLSTRONG INC, The Power that is YOU.

We’re all about Premium Basics. Our Superior Craftsmanship, FWD FASHION Designs, Exceptional USA-Made Quality and commitment to sustainability, establishes GIRLSTRONG INC as every woman’s go-to Athletic Apparel company in the US and Globally.





Meet Lisa
Founder and CEO

Meet Lisa, CEO

Like many women, I have always had a keen eye for style and fierce love for fashion. I have worked in the beauty and fashion industry since I was a teenager for many designer brands, including Calvin Klein, Vera Wang, Dior, Givenchy, Nanette Lepore and Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy. But it wasn’t until I was part of a CF workout program that I realized my true dream. I was fascinated with the words “GIRLSTRONG '' and the way those words made me FEEL, so I was inspired to create my own line of athletic apparel with REAL LIFE meaning. Because, why not, right? Pursue your dreams and do something really BIG while on the planet. Anything is possible!

Put simply, I want women to feel as empowered as I feel when I put on a GIRLSTRONG tee or hoodie to take on the world, whether going to the gym, going shopping or having dinner with my love. Speaking of love, I LOVE to wear clothing that makes a statement, lifts my spirits, and makes me feel strong, sexy, beautiful, empowered, and ageless! I also LOVE connecting with like-minded women, and I appreciate the impact of even a single chance meeting with a powerfully kindred soul — you know, when you feel like you’ve known each other forever!
On that note, whenever I feel touched by someone’s kindness and strength, as a giver, I have to give them a GIRLSTRONG product.

Any time you wear a GIRLSTONG product, you are telling yourself and the world:

●     I am EMPOWERED!

●     All things are possible!

●     I can do hard things!

GIRLSTRONG is more than a piece of clothing. It’s a feeling, it’s a MOVEMENT, and it’s the chance to always remember, You can change the world, girl!

I look forward to sharing the GIRLSTRONG message with women around the globe!